Kingof Fighters 14

User Rating: 5 | The King of Fighters XIV (Steelbook Edition) PS4
5 equals mediocre. While it's not a bad game, it's just not anything worth writing home about. I'll break the game up into sections for this review. Story- It is bland. King of Fighters 14 boasted a dynamic and amazing story mode..... I get better stories reading my daughter bed time stories. Only thing good about it is the multiple character endings. There are a lot of characters and teams to play through as, but story is very, very bland. I remember playing Soul Calibur 3 back in the day, that FIGHTING GAME had a great sandbox-ish story mode for each character. King of Fighters 14, doesn't lift any standard, it's just dumb. Game Modes- offline modes are very very barebones. A older game by the name of Street Fighter 3 Alpha max has a ton of things to do. King of Fighters, again, doesn't lift any standard. It has a bland story mode, bland survival, bland score mode, versus and bland challenge mode. Again all modes offline are very barebones and bland. Online modes consist of 1 vs. 1, 3 vs. 3, and multiplayer team battles with set teams and roulette teams. The team and random team battles are fun, but the online is void of anyone. Literally it's a ghost town, so online rating is bland too. I paid $60 for this game because I read so many great things about it. I am very disappointed overall. I went into this game thinking that it would be different, offering many different game modes, a decent story mode, a arcade mode, a robust online mode, boy was I wrong. This game was a disappointment. Oh, and many complained about graphics. Graphics were not horrible and the least of this games worries.