it was ok i knew going in to the game what to expect so I was ok with it. The Hulk look alot better then the othe

User Rating: 7 | The Incredible Hulk X360
I liked it but it had so thing wrong with it I just like to smash everything in my way also the Hulk looks really good better then the last one and the building so sweet to. I put up with the bad things about the game and just have fun with it plus I get more achievements wich is cool. I got the game cheap so i can't complain about it. I hope that the spiderman game comeing is better then this.I love spiderman games and have beaten them all.The last hulk game had a lot of good things about it too but no body gave it a chance.
Movie games suck except spiderman games (the new ones)
everybody knows that so why do we buy them and then complain about it.I buy the movie games because I get to be in the movie if you will, and the achievements.
The hulk game neeeds so work and iam sick of xbox releasing game that any selfrecpecting programer would never make.They do this stuff all the time look at Saints Row the game was really good but the on line sucked same with Call of Duty 3 it takes forever to get a online game going. I just sold the game.What Iam trying to say is that there are so many games out thee that suck the thing is IF YOU LIKE IT then the is worth the buy