Holy paper cars!!!!!!!

User Rating: 7 | The Incredible Hulk PS2
I was veary excited when I heard a new Hulk game was coming to the ps2,
and bought it asap.But after some hours of playing , I 've got to say, Im a little disappointed, and I really hate being disappointed(The Fifth Element).
Anyway, I really think that after UD,they could have made a better game than this.
First off,the graphic .Man, the producer of this thing 's just plain blind 'bout console power.First time I played , I climbed on top the Stark Building , hoping to see some fine city view.But then all I get was bluish fog .THis isnt London, it's New York,for Christ's sake! Same with city life, I never remember somewhere with so many taxis on one street!!.PLaying this game makes me scared of our automobile industry. With the merest touch , a car would totally become an ugly piece of crap metal.NO EXPlosion for your info, just "Poof!" with a cheap flash.And have you ever notice that you cant kill civillians ? How the hell could they take on a full-charging, tank-breaking thunder clap and just stand up and run ?
Second, the gameplay .Not much to say here, its Hulk style , with lots of leaping, lots of punching and a WHOLE lot of destroying! In this field UD have to learn.But again the moves effects and building model just fell more right to me.
Overall, those Hulk fans might find something here with tons of
unlockables but if you want a good Hulk game with more mayhem feelings and a clearer story, I think Hulk : Ultimate Destruction might be a better choice