I don't know how to describe this...

User Rating: 2 | The Golden Compass DS
This game is really a dreck. The gameplay sucks, the controls are confusing, and nearly everything dosn't work, or look right. Stay away from this game!

1) Entertaining for a few minutes (3/10)
2) Ok graphics for a 2-d DS game (4/10)
3) Platforming and rail-walking is somewhat entertaining (4/10)

1) Game is flat-out bad (1/10)
2) You can only get 10-15 minutes into the game, before there is a dead end (1/10)
3) Action sucks, as Lyra you can only run, Pan can do some wimpy attacks, and the Bear can easily kill stuff 2/10
4) Enemies suck too, just wolves, and bats 2/10)
5) No audio, just talking protraits and subtitles(1/10)
6) A microbe of value (1/10)
7) No reason why any of the events happen (1/10)

FINAL THOUGHTS- Overall, a dreck; not even worth a $5 rental, or purchase, just a waste of 15 minutes. 2.1