The game is barely playable. But playable.

User Rating: 5 | The Golden Compass PSP
The game is a disaster. The sound efects are awfull. Sometimes the charecter is talking then you get a loading sign, and then it finishes the sentence. The characters are sometimes talking at the same time and there are only subtitles for one so you don't understand a thing. Sometimes you are falling in a hole and only 50 seconds after hiting the flor you hear a "Ahhhh" or something like that. I know I'm only writing facts and not connecting sentences but it is the best way I thought of to describe this disaster. Anyways the graphics are not that bad (probaly a 5 or 6 out of 10), it's a PSP game after all. The only glitches you find in the game are probably in the sound (there might be some exceptions). But what makes this game playable is probably the gameplay. To use the Alithiometer (The Golden Compass) to answer certin questions can be fun, as well as using your demon as an Eagle, a Cat and so on. You can't play as the demon but it grants you certain abilities. When you want to use the Alitheometer you have to know the meaning of the symbols in it. To do that you must investigate obects using your demon and then you'll get their meaning (each picture hs three meanings). For example, if you look at a map and in Africa there's an Elefant the the meaing "Africa" will be added to the Elefant picture. There are minigames you have to do while you advance in the game that can be fun also. So basicly this review ust writes down facts. It's a way to describe the game though wich people will probably get it and ,trust me, to get a link between all these sentnces is hard. So the game is for fans of the Movie and for the ones who don't care much about sound efects and that find all these facts above aceptable for a PSP game (since it is a PSP game, they are made for you to game in your free time, not to be plying it like a PS3 game and so on). Yet leaves a lot to be desired (and somehow it feels you could have had more from this title).