When i started play this game i didnt familiar with the series of the elder scrolls i thought is pretty lame...worng!!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PS3
godammit i say, how a game can get in to your soul when you only wish is to live in the world he shows you, thats the moment when i wonder how much a really good exciting and for somtimes scarry game can be and the Elder Scrolls oblivion has all that stuff and more from the start you get in to a run the save cyrodiil and every moment you play this game is worth your while.
i have to admit when i first buy my ps3, my uncle gave me this game(his allso a serious gamer) and i say ''ohh thank yea you didnt bring nothing else?'' but i started to play with little expectations and when i started to play i couldnt stop.
bethesda, for my opinion, its the most briliant company of making games
they did everything right exept and this is why im not giving this game a-10 cuz its have some one big bug!! in some point of the first quarter of the game you suddenly become an vampire you cant change it no matter what you do and then you need to take yourself into a quest for cure which is annoying and taking you a lot of money and time but although this bug it cant makes you feel angry about the game cuz its just it...spectacular.
its a bit a shame you cant fight from your back of the horse and somtime if you fight a stupid AI comes into your sword zone.
oblivion is so detail and feel like a real world everything its in its place the food on the table ,the desk with the ink ,the bed with Bed linen everything its like in our world.
you have a great world to explore and even to walk from the north point of cyrodiil to the most south point take me two and a half hours!!!( yea it was a boring day..)
its a remarkable adventure that you will allways remember and im sure you will
play it more then once.
so do yourself a favor and get this game as soon as possible.
time to walk norther to Skyrim!