The Fourth Installment of Bethesda's ES series is quite revolutionary in almost everything,one of the Best RPG's !!

User Rating: 8.5 | The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC
i am quite late in reviewing this game,but it's because i took 3 years to finish it,,,no it was not like i couldn't finish it,but i was kept occupied by some gr8 games from 2011-2012,,,I could've deleted it without completing ,but my love for Skyrim pushed me on to do it,and now finally it's over!!!!
Bethesda did it again,made a game with 2K that is definitely the best of it's time (was GOT in Gamespot),,,n upto this time(5 years or so),it's gr8 to play Oblivion..Beautiful environment,superb story(Skyrim lacked it),great characters n enemies made it a quite joyful experience!!!!
The game however is a let down in terms of character building(no perks on leveling up),,,but it was superb during it's time + an improvement over morrowmind(so i heard)!!!!!!!!
Also the 3rd person view comes without an aim(improved in Skyrim) and thus.the whole idea of choosing your characters appearance gets nullified(as you have to play in the 1st person mode)!!!!!
But Story and quite interesting side-quests(a hallmark of Elder Series) takes every flaw away.Free-roaming is also good and a vast world allows one to keep playing the game for months together without having to repeat something!!!!!
All the guilds(fighters,thieves,mages) and other organizations(dark brotherhood,knights of stallion) also have their impact,because of great built and direction in which they proceed.
Daedra's are fun to kill,as are trolls,bears,lions,vampires,bandits and others(though no dragons are present :)}!!!!!
Overall it's a great game and should not be missed....
Synopsis-U start (as a character of your choice) as a prisoner caged in the Imperial City Cell,when u see Emperor Uriel Septim approaching with his sworn blades,they leave the castle(under attack) through a secret gate in your cell-allowing u also to venture.Septim is killed by Mythic Dawn(a secret organization),but before his death,he tells u that you have a part to play in the coming battle with the most powerful Daedra.The only hope to save humanity is to Close the gates of Oblivion(a different realm) using Dragonfires,that can be lighted by his blood,a hidden child of the Emperor(martin) using The Amulet Of kings(which you are given).Now u must journey Cyrodil(The game world) and save the world !!!!!!!!