Morrowind vs. Oblivion

User Rating: 9.6 | The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind PC
The way I'm going to do this review is I'm going to compare all aspects of the game to oblivion...Here goes:

Size/Scope: I'm not really a technical kinda guy so I don't know wich one is actually bigger in size,but morrowind feels MUCH bigger One thing I love is that you can't just magically fast travel to anywhere in morrowind. When I first got oblivion I loved how I could just be lazy and not have to walk,but now that I've played Morrowind I've seen how fun exploring can be. You can find side quests,dungeons and lots of loot out in the wilderness that makes traveling by foot so much more fun.

Graphics: Clearly oblivion wins this category. I love the graphics in morrowind and they're great for 2002,but oblivion is the most beatiful game I've ever played.

Geography/Architecture: One of the flaws with oblivion is that the whole world is just like one big forest! Sure,the world may be beautiful,but morrowind has such varied landscapes. From grazelands and beaches to rocky mountains and giant mushrooms,morrowind has a very interesting and varied world. Now for the towns: Morrowind has 4 typed of towns. The hlaalu towns,wich have pretty stone standard houses. The redoran towns,wich have houses shaped like seashells and fossils. The Telvanni towns,wich have giant mushrooms and elevated houses,and huts. And then there are the smaller,more neutral towns that are standard medeival looking. I love how varied the towns are,but in oblivion all the towns look relatively the same,wich is a big minus for the game.

Combat: Oblivions combat is much btter. You can block more easily and it's more than just hack n slash morrowind combat.

Crime/Punishment: Both games have Pros and Cons for this category. In oblivion it's really really stupid how you can steal something in one town,and guards will come after you halway across the map. Also,I've noticed sometimes I kill someone in the middle of nowhere and I still get a bounty. Morrowind is much more realistic (yes you heard me right). If you steal from a shopkeeper,you can sell it anywhere EXCEPT that shop that you stole it from. Also it's much harder to get a bounty. But the con for morrowind is that it's harder to sneak around and stealing just isn't quite as exciting as in oblivion.

NPC's/Topics: Beleive it or not,I actually really like the fact that NPC's talk to you in text instead of voice acting like in oblivion. Because this way,there can be way more topics,and longer converstions. In oblivion it's just Rumors and Grey Fox for the most part. In morrowind there's stuff like little secret,little advice and any other topics relating to factions,quests,towns etc...

Music: Both games have great music,but Morrowinds main theme is just magical.

In conclusion,I think that Morrowind is a larger,deeper and overall better game than Oblivion. Thank you for reading.