The best value ever. Over 200 hours of gameplay!

User Rating: 8.8 | The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind PC
Wow, this game has flaws but by them is one of the best games ever made avalible.

Morrowind, what else can I say! This game has won over 60 awards including RPG of the Year and Game of the Year. Combat is not definatly Morrowind's strongest suit. It is hard to hit the enemy and if you do the effects are not that good. The quests are long and for some parts boring. They can take hours of looking to find what you are looking for. The gameplay has a few really big problems. One of which is memory leaks. You can get a cool weapon one day and the next day you play it will be gone. That got really annoying. To slove it is that you should save in different slots. It helps but not all of the time. You can be diiferent species to play as. Everything from Elfs to Orcs. From there you can choose your class. There are 3 catagories. One is based off of combat. You can be knights and archers and other ones in that catagory. The other is Magika. Just FYI: Magika is magic. Here you can be mage like classes. The last one is stealth. Basicly an assasins class. If none of these fit you, you can make your own class. There you could make yourself stealthy but have strong Magika skills. As you progress you will level up just like every other RPG to date. Do not be surprised if you do not level up very fast. It takes a while at first then it goes faster. You can join different factions. The are the follwing: Imperial Guild, Imperial Cult, Mages Guild and Fighters Guild. The best one to join for n00bs is Imperial Guild. Thier quests are really easy and you get some good stuff for working with them. There are many weapons to have fun with here in Morrowind. You can also get different spells by talking to people. So all in all. the gameplay is fun but not the best part of Morrowind.

The look really good for a game that game out whte a while ago. This game isn't very demanding on the graphics front. I do not know the specs but you can pass on the RAM front with only 256 MB of RAM. I have a 1024 and the loading time for game is fine and dandy. Your graphics card is going to need no upgrading to play this game. I have a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 and I can run it on high. Note: this is only game I can run on high. That is how bad my computer is. The Elder Scrolls games are known for pushing the envolope graphical wise. Oblivion does it and so does this game. The previos games the Elder Srolls series did it for thier time and so does this one. So if you are trying to save up for a computer that can run Oblivion I recomend picking this game up to keep you going for a while.

There is little voice acting to be had in Elder Srolls Morrowind. The only time you hear someone talking is when you walk by them. ANd trust me, they all say the same thing 80 times over. The music makes up for this. It is really good. It is dark and ominus. And some points, it may scare you.

Oh, boy... this is were it gets fun! :D The world you live on is so big that you can get lost. Thankfully there is a map to guid you along. There are about 60 places to visit. Each with its own number of quwests to enjoy and beat. Out side of each town is a few dungens to visit. You mainly have to free slaves or just randomly kill things. There are great training places. If you get the PC game of the year version you get a few expansion packs that add a new islands to visit. One is Solestheem were you can kill polar bears. The other is the capital city of Mournhold. You can visit new shops and get really rare and good weapons. Even gamespot gave the value a ten. If that doesn't say anything you need help, in da brain. This game doesn't totally make you loose your social life but it is pretty addicting. This game lags so much gameplay you can't miss it.

This was the Elder Srolls game I had ever played. It got me hooked and I am upgrading my computer just to play Elder Srolls 4 Oblivion.

Wrap Up: A.K.A. Summery
Winner of over 60 awards inculuding best RPG and Game of the Year, this one lags almost 1000 hours of gameplay. With it's sprawling enviroments and almost unlimeted number of vilages there is so much to be had. If you get the Game of the Year Edition you also get the two PC only expansion packs which add new villages to plunder. You also get a construction set to use to make your own stuff for the game. The normal Elder Scrolles 3 Morrowind is only on the XBOX. The Game of the Year Edition is on both of the PC and XBOX.

Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Value: 10/10
Tilt: 9/10