User Rating: 8.7 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
This game was amazing; to start with it, it is great to see a licensed game that actually takes the story line, charecters and plot and creates something new and different. Most movie games just suck, but the gameplay is not based on an actual movie and it is one of the reasons that I played it almost straight through. Now for the negative...too short, I beat this game on the normal difficulty setting in just under 10 hours. The side missions (if you can call them that) actaully have little to no impact on the outcome. I enjoyed the level of interaction with all of the inmates on level 17, but even after accepting all of their requests and coming through on a couple it really had nothing to do with the end of the game. I had plenty of UD money throughout the game and never needed any additional. But I think this is a promising first effort for Tigon and I look forward to where they take the Riddick franchise in the future. Bottom line, you will not be dissapointed if you plunk down $50 for this title, that being said veteran gamers may beat this too quickly and with no multi-player the replay value is low, so it may be better to rent.