A game that mixes several genres and wields them together to make a very good game.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
The good: Very good graphics, awesome story line, good gunplay,

The bad: not a lot of gunplay, can be frustrating at times, rather short,

Now when you think of a game made after a movie or tv series you would normally run and hide but that's not the case this time.

This game mixes RPG, FPS and action/adventure genres and is very good.

You play as Richard B. Riddick Who is in prison for unknown reasons but you do know he is trying to escape and it's your job to help him.

The prison you are trying to escape from is known as Butcher bay which is known for its triple max security and mean guards who will shoot you if you go somewhere you are not supposed to (or just for the hell of it).
You start out in just max security but as the game goes on and you make your attempts to escape you will be in double and triple max.
The RPG part comes in where you can talk to people to buy stuff with the prison currency or try and find information about people who you have to kill in order to try and get out of prison.
With that being said there are quite a few NPC's in the game to talk to and do side missions for but the side missions mainly consist of killing someone or just beating them up.

There is also a bit of fighting genre in the game which you will be doing a lot of in organized fights to rise up to the top of the ranks in prison and become the most respected and feared prisoner there.
There is not a lot of FPS gameplay but when there is it is very good and exciting.
Instead of giving you lots of big weapons to take out your enemies the game goes the realistic way by giving you standard prison issue weapons like an assault rifle, pistol and shotgun but you have to find the weapons they are not just given to you at the beginning of missions.

Another realistic thing about the gunplay is that there are no crosshairs but there is a red dot laser that provides precision aiming.
The action/adventure part comes from the free roam, you can roam around the prison areas you have access to. Some you will be able to get to later in the game and you can use the free roam to your advantage to find side missions or people who are selling "shivs" so that during fights you can have the advantage.
As i said earlier the game can frustrating at times because there is no compass to tell you where you have to go so you will get hopelessly lost sometimes.
You will mainly be fighting against guards in standard armour, but sometimes they will be fighting you from inside huge mech-like suits and the only real way to kill them is by shooting them in the back and there are also some zombie like creatures you will have to fight against.

The game will last about 10-16 hours depending on what you do, the game is not hard per-se but it has quite a few frustrating moments to make you want to just turn the game off.

The gameplay is quite good but one thing that was most notable was the first person fighting which is controlled by the right stick and the right trigger and to do different punches you have to use the analog stick for a punch... For instance if you were to pull the stick down then up that would result in a uppercut and a quick jerk to the left would be a left jab.

There is no multiplayer in the game which is understandable since it would be kinda hard for a game like this.

The graphics are simply amazing and probably even better than the pc version of the game.

From the voice acting to the music, the sound is all very good.

Overall if you are not a fan of Vin Diesel or FPS or RPG or Action/adventure then this game will change your mind.

Campaign: 9.5/10
multiplayer: 0.0/0.0
Sound: 9.2/10
graphics: 9.7/10
gameplay: 9.5/10
tilt: 9.0/10
replay value: 8.0/10
funnesfactor: 8.9/10
Overall score: 9.4/10