the game is like a movie but to short

User Rating: 8 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - Developer's Cut PC
the chronicles of riddick escape from butcher bay is a fps stealth
action game

gameplay and story
the story, you must try to escape from prison. you must move between locations, you can use steahlt way or force to beat the guards down. to have success you need steahlt tactics, most of the levels have ample places to hide like dark corners and behind large crates. the levels are small and like in doom 3, they are dark and if you shoot out the lights, then you see nothing but you have night vision with it you find your way and can sneak around the guards, who can not see in the dark.

in game graphics are great, there is a gritty look that suits the setting and makes the characters look slightly more real. the lighting is very well done and the shadows look real and feel real when hiding from enimies, ones with lights will make the shadows move. there are some texture overlaps, like a wall texture been slightly to big for the actual wall.

the game is not long, you can finish it in few hours. some levels are hard but most of them are easy to play so the game is overall a little easy. replay value is minimal too but becasue you can try to play it in different ways like stealth or force some may get a few plays from it