One of the very few games that matches and exceeds the caliber of the movie it comes from.

User Rating: 9 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - Developer's Cut PC

Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, is innovative and develops overtime into a great PC game that squashes the cliche of movies not being made into good games. Great voice casting of Vin Diesel, the believable and realistic inmates of Butcher Bay, the quirky one liners from Diesel are all packed together with minutest attention to detail to make this game one of a kind experience.

You get to fight mechanized armor units and also control them to deal damage to other foes. The lighting is excellent in this one as you move around the prison and just contemplate at how immaculately every inch of space is lit up by the source. It's a graphical marvel that feels ahead of its time in some parts of the game. Some missions do have their share of clunky graphics.

There is no dearth of action in Chronicles of Riddick. But the stealth part of the game outpaces the other. Silently taking down enemies, crawling through ducts and using darkness to your advantage are some of the few plus points in Chronicles of Riddick.

Simple put, I would say that once you get 20% through, you would wish the game kept going judging by the sheer joy of it. For a change, there is no mundane repetitiveness displayed here where you just run and gun through the same levels.