whether you like picking off headshots, or beating somebody down brutally, Dark Athena is the game for you!

User Rating: 9.5 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena X360
when i first popped this game into my 360, i knew it'l be the best game of the month. but for me, my expectations grew up on me, this is the best game, EVER. the only improvements which it could possibly get is somewhat smarter AIs, because even on the hardest dificulty, enemies end up accidentally killing each other. to enjoy this game to it's full extent though, i would suggest playing on the hardest difficulty and exploring every area entirely, thats the mistake i made and in turn, i missed a few HP powerup stations and i never got to see the sniper rifle! when played on the hardest difficulty, this package of buthcers bay and dark athena sould take you about a month to complete, that it without walkthroughs. i had so many F bombs in this games boss fights too, wich is the only reason why i would reccomend walkthroughs for any game. one example of this would be the alpha drone plus mecha boss fight. the boss fight starts out as you climbing out of a vent, assasinating 3 or 4 people (best done stealthilly), going through a conveyor belt to see an alpha drone in an alert phase. when i say alpha drone (AD) you proboably think of a flying robot wich takes 2 shots to kill. thats not the case. alpha drones are gigantic cyborgs which takemaby 50 skilled shots to take down. well, back to the boss. so i take this alpha drone down, i only have maby 20% of my hp, then ANOTHER AP comes out! this scene took me 10s of hundreds of times to beat, but when i finally lay waste to this cyborg, it was almost too late, i only had 1 hp square. little did i kno, a gigantic mecha (size of ad, cept fully armored) came rampaging out of a sealed door. on hard, 4 shots =death and with my hp, 1 shot =death, so i ran across the floor, strafing, praying he wouldnt hit me. he did. i was so pissed off at that point, but eventually, i figured out i had to throw grenades from AD. well, that was just a show on how long it takes for a single scene (exactly 100 scenes in entire game (scene meaning room filled with enemies, or corridor lingering with mechas)) i would definantly recomend this, sorry for grammar, its pretty late, thanx for reading