Binding of Isaac is an unique adventure for those willing to die a lot.

User Rating: 7.5 | The Binding of Isaac PC
Binding of Isaac is a dungeon crawler that is completely random. You can get better at the game, but to beat it, you need some dumb luck. The most amazing thing is the variety of gameplay for such a simple game. There are a ton of items to come across - some that are funny; others that are just gross. The constantly changing dungeon is constantly coming up with new challenges around the corner. If you can appreciate the disgusting art style, the difficult is the toughest thing to come to terms with. This game is brutal, and you will lose a lot. It's a little frustrating when you get through several levels a have found a great combination of items, and you get demolished by one room that has an enemy you have yet to see. Yet, somehow it remains to be really addicting. It's hard to the describe, so I suggest picking it up during the next steam sale and see what you think.