The binding of Isaac is truly a amazing original game!

User Rating: 8.5 | The Binding of Isaac PC
The binding of Isaac is about a little boy called 'Isaac'. The story begins when his mum has 'God' to tell her that she must get rid of Isaac. Isaac's mother tries to kill him, and he makes a quick get away into the basement, but the basement is not what he thinks it is. Filled with tunnels, and indescribable Monsters, Isaac must try and survive down in the basement using power-ups, items and his main weapon, his tears (Yes your weapon is you shooting out tears).

The Good points about The binding of Isaac.
Very addictive game, Game has a lot of humour and is very entertaining, power ups and monsters are very original and nothing seen in a game before, Sound track and audio are absolutely amazing to listen to, once finished you unlock more characters and more endings to the game (true ending).

The bad points about The binding of Isaac.
The story of the game could be offensive to religious believers, Items have no description (meaning you have no idea what they do, so you have to get lucky at times), very frustrating game and may put people off.

The Binding of Isaac is a truly amazing, original piece of work, and it must be a played game.