Fun and funny as hell!

User Rating: 9 | The Bard's Tale XBOX
It's reviews like this that make me really wonder, What is Gamespot up to? I mean come on, they give a game this good a freaking 6.7 and give s*** like Two Worlds a freaking 7. I know that 6.7 and 7 are close together, BUT the point is Two Worlds was freaking horrible and they gave it 7 and the Bards Tale is freaking sweet and they gave it a 6.7. Oh well, no one is perfect, here is my review.

Gameplay- The game play is really fun, It is A LOT like Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance, but still fun. It can get repeatitive at times, BUT you are able to summon creatures with your Bard Skills, making it fun to have different creatures with you as allies. At first you can only summon one, but further in the game you are able to summon up more at a time. Most great part of this game is the humor lol. This game will seriously get you to laugh out loud at times.

Story- The story is pretty good. Its nothing great, but non-the-less it keeps you playing and has great humor as i said.

Controls- Work great.

Graphics- Good.

Sound- The sound is great and so is the music.

Overall, if you can, get this game and dont listen to a d*** word what gamespot says about it. This game is fun, funny, addictive, and will be sure to make your money's worth.