Fantastic game,exellent game and fabulase game!!!!!

User Rating: 9 | The Plan PS2
this game is really great game in graphics,sounds,and specialy in the gameplay . you will feel like you are playing the game (Fehrenhait) which was really a good game . this game is bretty much like it but more interesting because you will play in more than one charecter in this game you will play with 3 and in the exact same time and it have many options to do for every one like one charecter for stealing and another one for unlocking doors and one for spy etc etc...
and the story of this game is really really interesting and new .becaus eit's talking about a plan of stealing some pictures from the mesuem .
at the end this game is the greatest game in the spying mode and it will make you just playing more and more so i advise all of you people to buy it and don't keep your money.