Just another boring edition of the brilliant original tetris

User Rating: 3 | Tetris Worlds PS2
I originally played a game of tetris in the early 90s on a gameboy. I thought it was amazing it kept me entertained for hours even though I was just making lines to see how many I could make.

But this one seems to be just another boring twist in the tetris line of games and does feel a little bit repetative more so than the original one which came out in 1987 by nintendo.

The colours used in this game were good it game it a bright theme and made it feel warm with the graphics, but they werent all that brilliant neither, sometimes they did feel a little bit blocky excuse the pun. The graphics in this one could also make the gamer feel a little bit motion sick with the way they cahnged when bringing blocks down to create lines.

The modes they used in this game could be fun , if they actually took the time to construct them. I mean in the story mode, you basically had to complete 15 levels of tetris to save the minos and tetrions and rebuild their particular world because there were 6 of them to choose from.

There was no story in there at all which made the story mode quite dull and boring. They could of at least added some kind of story for when you complete the 15 levels of tetris instead of just showing you how many you had saved and then the background growing to re-create their world. They even messed around with the classic tetris mode which put me off quite a lot and made me not want to play it.

Thery could of added more than just one piece of music, that made you feel as if its just repetative and nothing too it. So all I can say about this game is its nothing to write home about it could of done with a little more time and work on it and im sure they could of made a much better game than they sent out to the shelves to be sold.