Tetris Is An Addictive Yet Bad Game. Block Tastic.

User Rating: 5 | Tetris Worlds PS2
Tetris Worlds For PS2.

It's TETRIS. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, it object is to take falling blocks of various sizes and to rotate and move these to form horizontal rows. Sounds simple and even boring, but this is one of the most addictive games you'll find around.

Gameplay : Controls are relatively simple, and there's even a few new twists. There is a ''cache'' for storing a block that you do not want at this time. Hitting the cache button again will exchange your current block for whatever is in the cache. Navigating to set personal settings is a little unwieldy,

There are two main ways to play. There is a 1-player ''Story'' mode and there is an 1-or-multi player ''Arcade'' mode. This is the most fun, as you get to pit your Tetris skills against your friends.

The sun of the Minos is going to go supernova. You must help evacuate the Minos on Hadar 4 to six other planets that are suitable for life there. Each world has a different style of playing Tetris, and you can play each of these at your leisure in Arcade mode.

There are six different types of games via Arcade Mode:
- Tetris: The classic most of us have grown up playing. Clear lines to earn points. Each player needs a certain amount of points to reach the next level.
- Square Tetris: Overall goal is to accumulate points by creating lines or 4x4 Squares.
- Cascade Tetris: Like regular Tetris, with the exception that after you clear a line, some pieces from above will fall into holes below. The effect is based on colors of blocks.
- Sticky Tetris: You begin with random 1x1 blocks on the bottom few lines on the screen. The object is to sort through the garbage and clear the bottom level. First to do this wins. Blocks ''cascade'' like the previous version, with the exception that when pieces of the same color touch, they stick together forming a larger block.
- Hot-line Tetris: The idea here is that you must complete certain rows to get points. The higher the row, the more points you get for it.
- Fusion Tetris: There is a special 1x1 block on the bottom. You must clear the garbage above it away and stack a certain number of 1x1 ''Atom'' blocks on top of it.

There are also some variation for the screen setup, available to each player.
- Ghost Mode – here you can see how each piece will land. Makes things very simple if you are trying to run through the higher levels in a short amount of time. Great for newcomers to the game.
- Hold/cache – another option to turn on or off, depending on if you want the ability to hold a piece that you either want to save, or don't want to see.
- Line-up – You can see the order of the next several pieces. This is very handy for determining how you will build.

Graphics : The intro in nothing to write home about, and most everything is a static, although well-done image. The Graphics are *blocky* no pun intended. Ha Ha Ha.

Sound : The music component is pretty good, and there's some voice-overs when certain cool things happen.

This is where the game shines. The game is fun. The game is addictive. But when combined with playing with up to three other people, I think this game surpasses anything else on the PS2 Almost Except For Evil Dead Mc Goodness.

I liked some of the features better on the GameCube version (larger screen for 2-player games, better sound), but this is a great party game for the PS2. Give it a try, and you'll be addicted in no time at all.