Tetris Attack is one of the best SNES games ever to be made!!

User Rating: 10 | Tetris Attack SNES

I downloaded the SNES game called Tetris Attack for the SNES9 EX+ emulator. At first, I expected a typical Tetris game with characters from the Yoshi series, but this game is much different. Tetris Attack is actually part of a series called the Puzzle League series created by Nintendo and started with Panel de Pon on the Super Famicom.

The rules of Tetris Attack are simple. The are coloured blocks with shapes on them. You have to match up three or more of the same block to get points. Getting combos will freeze time for a few seconds which helps you decide what move you will make next if you are about to lose. If one of the columns touch the top, then the game ends and you lose!

There are a variety of different modes which are: Endless, 2-Player, Time Trial, Puzzle, Stage Clear and VS mode which is the Story Mode of the game. The main plot of VS is when Yoshi's friends have all been cursed by Bowser and his cronies. It is up to Yoshi to break the curse from them and save them.

The main thing I love about Tetris Attack is the addictive modes that the game has to offer you, which will keep you wanting to replay the game more often. The music, the colorful and cutesy graphics as well as the content of this game make this one of the best SNES games I ever played as well as being one of my favorite games of all time.

Although the title may fool people, Tetris Attack is a very unique and awesome game. I definitely recommend you check this title out as it is addicting and fun game that kills off spare time during the day.