It deserves a 10/10, please read why!

User Rating: 10 | Test Drive Unlimited PC
After reading some of the reviews here on GS by the gamers i have realised that not everybody are into this type of game.

First off its not a RACING game. Period. Its a DRIVING game/life simulation. Something like a FPS/Sim but for Driving.

Ok, GRAPHICS are amazing, even if you have a medium weight pci express PC system, Geforce 7600GT. The on board view or in car view are amazing. Car interiors also very beautiful. Cars and bikes sounds IMO like the real thing. I know the Kawasaki ZX10 sounds right and the Ducati 999 also. Being more of a motorcycling freak i absolutely enjoy riding the motorcycles. I only use the two on board views. I love the way how the visor gets dirty when riding for awhile and how the bike's sound is muffled inside the helmet.

Driving the cars are also such an amazing experience. From how the car sounds inside the interior view to the 3rd person view. I usually just drive around the island, and do the transport vehicles missions. Put on the radio, view the car in 3rd person view and drive to the destination to collect my cash. When i feel like racing i can do so.

Honestly how many of us will be able to say, realistically or in real life that you own a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Coenigsagg?? In this game you almost feel as if that is you driving around. It really sucks you into this Virtual Driving world. Little things i have to mention are, that you can create your own radio station and listen to your selection of songs. You can turn up or down your windows. You can redo missions over and over to collect more cash, its not a senerio that once a race is done you cannot redo it. Tuning your car or bike has the perfect balance of options. The last thing i want to do to a Ferrari is stick on some crappy looking neons at the bottom of the car. No Need for Speed stuff here.

Last note is that this game will definately be appreciated more, using a Steering Wheel. Logitech Formula Force GP or such. I have the steering wheel setup for the cars and my Logitech Rumblepad 2 joypad for the bikes. I feature i found very nicely applied to the game, allowing you to setup the different pheripherals for different vehicles.

So maybe i am getting old and getting tired of all these boring racing games, but this one is the best Racing/Driving/Game of all. This game is doing what a game should do, that is to be FUN!