Watch and learn.

User Rating: 7 | Terraria PC
I love this game, but not because of the smooth gameplay, or for being highly addictive, or for having huge random worlds to freely explore. It is because of what it represents.

This game is giving a very clear message: Graphics do not make a game good. If programmers would spend as many time designing the plot, gameplay, replay value, etc.., as they spend designing the graphics, the human raze would have reached perfection in games a looong time ago.

Good gamers must see beyond graphics. Good gamers recognize the value of those old Amiga, Amstrad, Spectrum, and Commodore games. Making games at that time really was a challenge, because you already knew you couldn´t rely on graphics by any meaning. They had to design good games, not good graphics. Those were they best games. Most of our nowadays games try to deceieve gamers hiding the game core itself with a veil of nice graphics. And sometimes they succeed!. But games like Terraria put those games in evidence.

This game represents a lesson that the big companies have to learn. Each day Terraria stands within the best 10 games, is a punch in the face of the big gaming CEOs.

For these and many other reasons, please, support this game. It is worth it. Do it for the future of the gaming industry.