little known and littlw played is it worth it or just another playstation waste of plastic?

User Rating: 6.3 | TechnoMage: Return of Eternity PS
okay heres the sitch, the world is devided into two class's the dreamers, elf like magic users and the steamers, more welll, filthy people with no power to speak of other than technology.
you play the technomage, the only person whos the result of a forbidden paring between a dreamer and a steamer, as such and given the fact you are an orphan your character is an outcast, but since this is an rpg a new evil has arisen that only the ,the outcast, can solve and hopefully reunite the two races as one again.

basically this is a slightly more kiddy platform version of morrowind, with enemies two fight, countless subquests and missions to perform and i was pleasantly surprised by this title.

gameplay wise this IS a slightly more third person morrowind, okay maybe a bit more like daggerfall but you get the idea, potions weapons that give "+5 atk" and such and overall its not bad, the controls are balanced and responsive and overall good fun.

graphics, it has to be said are very poor, rememebr that fellowship of the ring game on the GBA?, well this looks worse, its not much better than runescape, and because of this when it gets black in the game at night its very hard to see and enemies that are black themselves can kill you with relative ease, this ruins the game as its no fun playing a black screen with a health bar.

sound wise its good but no snap to it kinda like a less ambitious fable.

value wise however this game lasts a really long time as its quite hard and theres plenty of missions to do along the way.

basically if your a bit on the young side and find morrowind and all its stats adn locations too confusing then technomage is the game for you and gets my own personal "wheeey!".