tf2 is a disastrous mess but a good disastrous mess;) which can get boring fast,,can;)

User Rating: 7 | Team Fortress 2 PC
firstly,,. the game

runs just fine but can take some ram of of yuor computer but mostly fine,,a middle strenght of a computer should works just fine,,a mediocre computer,,game floats really good on a modern pc,,but pc not always seem to deal with this game,,it chokes up some ram,,almost suttering

tf2 is miles from the first team fortress,,tf2 plays and looks a whole better than the first TF!!,,but does this make a better,,game for me Yes and no,,tf2 are on many aspect better than the first TF,,but on other it is Worse,,Much Worse;));p!!

graphics are pretty nice and used very well,,not stuttering or lag?,,no there can be some but mostly fine,,pretty colorfull,,so nice to look at ,,almost like u felt uwhere i greece instead u where in cold winter alaska

some weapons feel underpowered or doesnt deal the damage they should specially,,upclose,,sniper is best,,strongest;),,or machine gun dude;),,

game is fun,hilarious and akward i liked it,,

the whole idea of this game is played of pretty great,,u are red and blue team with the same classes on each side,,which hhas the same objectives,,on each map,,same advantages,same of the same,,

there are great variety of maps,,and modes,,deathmatch,,capture the flag,,briefcase,,whatever ,,this makes the game have a longer lasting appeal,,

,,what botherd me is that it can (Can) ,,get boring fast cuz it is slight repeative,,u are basecally doing the same stuff,,over and over,,

but o nthe good side it can though make u have a big hard laugh,,

voices,,great camera,,the pace of the game(fast),,unqiue stuff,,played models do,,great classes to choose from they are funny and interesting,,

u may build a dispenser,,but it gets totally destroyed,,this is just sick stuff,,fun,,

german idiotic accent on the medic,,

also the classes can perform a Pose,,3each this is funny and break away from the action pretty well,,aswell as ppl doing ridicouls stuff like in counter strike,,many ppl sitting on another to build a tower of ppl",,tower of ppl",,sick but funny,,scikening,,like walk in the air,,but u cant;p

also ucan chat that break away fro mthe actioon or u just wait or camp somewhere,,and win;);p,,

u can build turrets underwater,,exaptinoally fun and awakrd,,moslty akwat,,

music ,,sounds are great ,,ur footstep,,water-splas etc;),,doorbellring;),,

only problem i ahd it could get boring fast unless ppl went crazy doing crazy stuff,,,

hats and so on,,but the gameplay or the same,,medic,,wrench guy,,remains the same sadly,,nothing new

end of log;);p 7 / 10