Tales of Symphonia is a great addition to a RPG straving console like the Gamecube

User Rating: 9 | Tales of Symphonia GC

Game: Tales of Symphonia
Genre: RPG-Action
Developer: Namco
System: Nintendo Gamecube (GCN)
Total Score: 88/100
Value Score: 8.8/10

• Story: 9/10

• Characters: 8/10

• GamePlay: 7/10

• Graphics: 8/10

• Sound: 9/10

• Music: 10/10

• Length: 9/10

• Replay Value: 9/10

• Player Value: 9/10


+Only Tales game on Gamecube

+Decent story and characters

+Well made visual design

+Voice acting well made

+Musical score is amazing

+Lengthy story and great replay value


-Gameplay a bit rough and generic

-Mechanics seem a bit slower than other Tales games