Awesome 2-player, and awesome world!

User Rating: 7 | Tak: The Great Juju Challenge GC

That game was f*cking fun. The story was awesome and cool that it made me play it almost all day. You should play the multiplayer also where some of the parts have you and your friend taking turns pressing switches and cannons and you can also do the piggyback ride with Tak. This is a game you play with friends.

My mom only played it sometimes but that game is for al ages. It rocks butts for people all ages to play. My favorite thing to do in this game are the costumes and cannons.

But did you know this game can be a comedy? I use to laugh very much when I first played this game at some parts and now. My sister loves this game so much.

Everytime we go to the video store, That's the game she picks and sometimes I picked it. And right now, we are asking for the game for christmas and hope our wishes come true.