The Great Juju Challenge is a short romp around, but it's a very fun game while it lasts, and doesn't look bad either.

User Rating: 6.7 | Tak: The Great Juju Challenge GC
Tak: The Great Juju Challenge is a fun game, but that actually seems to be it's main problem. The game is so enjoyable and pleasureful and hilarious that when in ends, you'll want more, and then the dissapointment and sadness comes. It doesn't look bad, it actually looks just as good as the previous two Tak games, but sequels are supposed to IMPROVE on their predecessor, not just stay the same as it.

But you will notice some "improvements" in the game. This addition to the Tak series pits Tak up in a Great Juju Challenge (as the title suggests) and he teams up with Lok in so doing. This means that while Lok adds some "spice" if you will, to the gameplay, but also adds some flaws that probably wouldn't be in there if it weren't for him.

The co-op mode is nice though. It's much more fun then the single-player mode and is a bucketload of awesome, unless the friend your playing with messes you up and isn't very good.

The biggest problem with Juju Challenge is definitely the insane scoreboard. I will make you replay levels over and over again, until you finally get enough score to go to the somewhat poorly-mad kart racing level, which then leads to the next round.

Speaking of that kart-racing level, even though they call it a "kart-racing" level, and make it look like that on the images and say "Race to the finish Line!" on the back of the box, it actually is just a demolition derby, that is fun but you can't play it again once you've done it. Yeah, that's smart guys, you HAVE to replay and backtrack through levels when you don't want to, but when you actually are ENJOYING something you can't play it again unless you restart the game!

After you go through the short kart-racing level, you'll go to the next round, as I said. The levels are usually pretty easy, though in some situations there can be frustrations.

When it comes to the graphics, like I said before, the game looks as good as the first two Tak games, but it should look better anyway. As for the sound, well, it's nice, and the funky, soothing background Juju music is nice in the levels. (No really, I'm serious)

But still, I'm warning you that the game is horiffically short, there are only four rounds in the entire game, each which only contains two or three levels, though you can count on replaying them, unless you dash right through them really fast.

Your best bet with Tak: The Great Juju Challenge is to rent it, beat it, and see if you think it's worth buying yourself. If your a diehard Tak fan (though I don't know many people who are) you can always buy the thing no matter what, because for the major fans it might be worth the purchase because it is so hilariously funny alone.

So overall, this game is pretty easy. The Great Juju Challenge is a short romp around, but it's a very fun game while it lasts, and doesn't look bad either.