Good third person shooter.

User Rating: 8.5 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
This is a very well made, well thought through game.

Instead of just being your usual third person shooter, they have added other things that make this game different. Such as the fact that you dont aim with a joy stick, or even with the d-pad. you aim with the cross, square, triangle, and circle. it makes it challenging at first, but once you adapt to it, you will find that it is much more enjoyable to play with.

There is enough of a variety of weapons to keep the gameplay from getting repetative, which is good. another thing is the awards, which you aquire though things like gettting stealth kills, or head shots in hard mode.

The story is a bit weak, but it changes things up, such as a level were you wear scuba equipment, and instead of shooting people with a gun, which wouldn't really work, seeing as your underwater, you use a speargun.

The replay value in this game is great, seeing as there's really not plot twists, or anything that limits this game from being just as good the second time as it was the first time around.

The campaign is not extremely long, being about 8 hours or so. it is a excellent game, and i would highly reccomend it to any of my friends. it would be hard to find another third person shooter as good as Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow.