Logan's Shadow is a great sequel to 2006's Dark Mirror.It perhaps even surpasses it predecessor in all ways.

User Rating: 10 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
Logan's Shadow is an amazing game,and a faithful sequel to Dark Mirror.Logan's Shadow retains the same graphical style as Dark Mirror,but surpasses Dark Mirror's graphics with better and less-muddy textures,and also with great looking character models which look really clean.Such great graphics really are some of the PSP's finest.

Logan's Shadow's sound track consists of great music which some what is a bit reminiscent of Dark Mirror's sound track,none the less,the music is great.All other sounds are also just as good as the music.

Dark Mirror's story is very good.Its a bit more entertaining than Dark Mirrors.Though over-all the story is quite good and interesting,and will keep you busy for a while.

Logan's Shadow has basically the exact same type of game play as Dark Mirror.Though you are now enabled to shoot around cover with out popping out your head,and you ca now swim.The swiming mechanic is quite clunky,but pretty cool to use.These are all pretty neat mechanics.Though if you've never played Dark Mirror,here is the run-down on how you play.You play from a 3rd-Person perspective and basically go on a one-man killing spree.Its quite enjoyable and your giving a variety of weapons to take out your foes with.

Logan's Shadow also has a multiplayer feature.You'll be able to play 8 player maps with the essential modes like Team Death match,Death match,and others which your probably familiar with.The multiplayer is really fun,and will have you playing it allot.

Now heres my finishing thoughts.For a modest price,Logan's Shadow is a great deal,and really should be in every PSP owners collection.