Worth every penny

User Rating: 9.5 | Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow PSP
You have no clue what your'e missing if you don't get this game (you can get it for 20 dollars "new" from game$top).

I can start by telling you that this is the best shooter on the psp, hands down. The graphics are stellar. You won't believe that this is a psp. You will see every single snowflake that falls on snowy levels. The water effects are super realistic. You can see every ripple as you move.

The sound is pretty good too, with great voice acting, and an even better soundtrack. The guns all sound the same, though.

The gameplay is awesome. Plent of explosions, and environmental kills. The controls are like second nature and are easy to get used to. You won't have to think twice before you press a button. (A little warning though, you might ware out your X button on the button sensitive context parts).

The story, is fairly easy to understand, although, I know I got lost trying to follow it.

There are lots of things to unlock, such as high rankings, better weapons, hidden evidence, bonus levels, bonues content, and more.

The multiplayer online is okay. It's not the best though. There are alot of people that quite when you kill them once. The levels can only hold 8 players max, and it lags occasionally, but it is no big deal. I would suggest picking up the Combat ops extension, as the regular infrastructure multiplayer wont hold you for long.

all in all, this is a stellar title for the psp, and I highly advise you buy it.