Six years after release and my 1st play-through was a memorable experience!

User Rating: 9 | Syberia XBOX
Since I cannot afford current gen home console systems, I'm always on the lookout for gems from the past, and at about $7-$10 at your local used game shop, this one definitely fits the bill.

To start off, the first thing that you will notice is the graphics. And as long as you are not a spoiled little so-and-so that only likes current gen graphics, then you can see and fully appreciate the beautifully created scenes and backdrops for what they were and still are.

You will follow Kate Walker, an American lawyer from New York, as she arrives in Valadilène, a small village in France, for what she assumes will be an open and shut case in the take-over of a local toy company by a large American toy conglomerate. But as soon as she steps foot in the town, she realizes things may not be as easy as she'd first thought.

As Kate sets out on her journey to find the mysterious Hans Voralberg, you'll guide her along her way by collecting information and various items in which you'll use to solve many various puzzles. The pace is as fast or slow as you make it as there is no fighting (a refreshing thing indeed!) and basically involves running from person to person or place to place to speak with or interact with via items in you inventory or papers in your personal file. You also have the use of your cell phone, which is almost entirely used by your boss, husband, mother, or friend calling you. Although there are a few instances which you'll use your cell phone to call out to receive info or solve a puzzle.

The journey you will take with Kate is full of surprises and subplots as she not only searches for Hans, but also has to deal with her marriage, friendships, and an overall sense of change within herself. It is a beautifully written story that will keep you interested all the way to the end...which may be the only shortcoming in the entire game as it felt too short. But since there is a sequel out there (which I am currently searching for) and you are accompanied by the creative and strikingly rendered graphics along with thoughtful, but not overly tough puzzles, you do not feel like you have been held-out on in any way.

I highly recommend this one!