User Rating: 9.6 | Syberia PC
Syberia is a weird game. It is about mammoths and robots. That aside it is truly an awesome game. Gameplay is the usual find this and put it there puzzles but the settings and the machinery you work with are really amazing. They all seem as if they would actually work. It Willy Wonka with robots. The story is a little short and obviously leaves you hanging for Syberia 2. I wish things weren't so vague in parts but overall it is a game all people should enjoy. I think it would have been neat to make the environments entirely 3D because of the depth and realism that could have been given to the environments. They are beautiful but they look too much like paintings and not environments. Things just aren't moving enough. Sure there is some smoke or water moving in the background but it still a little lacking in the movement category (is there even a category for movement?). This game is cool. Buy it.