THE BEST GAME ADVENTURE! Superb game ! No words to describe...

User Rating: 10 | Syberia PC
Adventure game that never like before! Great adventure and the most great adevnture game for all times! I play it 2 times, first on my own and after 2 years with my girl-friend and was like first time, sensational with more human interest about the story and great experience for players. Is a game who play without violence and is very good this thing if you are boring to kill and kill monsters. Syberia is a captivating game with puzzle very good thinking and the atmosphere of the game who goes you to something exotic, agreeable,amusing and attractive, so catchy game and and I loved it.
Graphics is excellent with some 3D and more 2D backgrounds combination. You can control Kate with mouse, point and a click always want to make something.You can drink or eat and play in the same time, most to dialog of the game, very cool thing :)
I like very much and DON'T SKIP AND MISS this game even you don't like adevnture-game ! Play it and will not be disappointed! Is a experience you never forget a "grandissimo" emotional game ! Best game adventure !