F2P killed this game

User Rating: 4.5 | Sword of the New World: Granado Espada PC
It was a good game at first, exciting MCC, great graphics and musics, nice bosses raiding BUT as soon as u hit level 100 it became a compete about money..... well,i dont mind to pay, i spent ~ 1000$ ++ for it BUT when you have to pay for everything from items upgrading (upgrading booster to increase the success chance, protective items to prevent yours precious items which u spent times and money to get them from blown up, but the chance your items upgrade is very very low, and every time u failed, it back to zero, yep, +0 items), enchanting (enchanting booster is a scam as it doesnt even increase your chance to get good stat but only prevent the blank stat, and the stat random change everytime you enchant...), even at level up (you need to buy veteran scroll at lvl 100, expert scroll at vet 100%, master scroll at expert 100%, belive me, its heaven & hell different between paying and non-paying), then later in the games, most of the quest and items also need cash-items to complete, so you have to pay to do quest too, so in the long run, this game isnt fun anymore, stop paying and you will lag behind, and if you dont pay at all, u cant even take part in the game