well...It was fun and very new at first but...

User Rating: 5.5 | Sword of the New World: Granado Espada PC
It was fun and very new at first but after playing a little while longer just made me realize that the game is pretty boring. I had already stopped playing mmorpg but the multi character control attracted me to play the game. Later I was really fascinated by how we can recruit NPCs in the game. Besides that, I also liked the different costumes for the different characters and also the weapons that shines when enhancement reaches 5 or above.

After playing longer I started realizing that it is just the same as any other mmos only much worse. The auto attack makes playing the game very boring. Other than that, most players are either afk leveling or botting. Making the game absolutely boring and annoying.

So here is my conclusion:
Pros: Music sounds nice, Costumes are cool, Multi Character Control, Recruitable NPCs

Cons: Leveling is too easy and boring, Quests are also boring and they are all the same, very very repetitive battles, BOTS, and again leveling is too easy and boring