great empire strikes back

User Rating: 8.6 | Super Star Wars: Teikoku no Gyakushuu SNES
Ths was the sequel to super star wars, and like the movies, the sequel is better. This game too is a typical sidescrolling platformer where you have to shoot at enemies. You'll play as Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Han Solo, depending on which level you are playing. It is based on the movie and it captures the feel of the movie very well, with nice locations and music. You'll encounter some level bosses that were not actually in the movies, but that's ok. There are some levels where you fly an X-wing or the Millennium Falcon. It is nicely done considering the 16-bit system. Mostly you'll be running from left to right, on foot or on a animal, shooting at everything that moves. The game difficulty is quite hard, but fortunately there is a save-system. So this time you can actually finish the game. Each character also has it's unique features; Han can throw grenades, Chewie has a spin-attack and Luke has his lightsaber and force-powers. That's right. Just like in the movie at one point Luke learns these force-powers (be sure to collcet them all) which you can use with the shoulder-buttons. This is great fun and really adds to the gameplay. You can do all kinds off stuff including levitation, remote control of your lightsaber and so on. It's a great game that you'll want to play again.