The Ultimate Mecha Showdown!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Robot Taisen Z PS2
Super Robot Taisen Z has such a huge mecha selection. if you like mecha anime i'm sure you will love this game. With so many characters from different mecha anime such as Eureka Seven,Gundam Seed Destiny,Gravion,Aqarion,Overman King Gainer,Big-o and many more.

- Gameplay -
During battle, the player chooses a unit and takes an action by the commands available (move, attack an enemy unit, use a unit's ability or power, etc). Some units have unique characteristics: for example, units such as the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam have the ability to transform from a humanoid mode to a vehicular mode, thus making them unique among other units that cannot transform or fly; or, in the case of units such as the Getter Robo, it can transform into different robotic forms with new weapons and different defensive attributes. you can organize your robots into 3 robot teams fighting together as a unit.

- The new gameplay system -
*Tri Formation*

- The squad leader gets in front, and other members behind him
- Only the squad leader attacks, UNLESS:
- when you are using a Tri Charge Weapon, at which point:
- it will become an ALL attack by all members that have an ALL weapon
- Able to use support defense where the squad members will take the damage for the leader

*Center Formation*

- The squad members get in front, while the leader gets behind
- Support defense by the squad members activates
- When a squad member has a BARRIER ability, it applies to the whole squad
- In this formation, you always concentrate the fire on one enemy

*Wide Formation*

- The squad leader is placed in the center while the squad members are placed at sides
- The squad leader attacks the enemy leader; the squad members attack the enemy members
- The squad leader's attack power is higher than in the Center Formation
- When the squad receives an ALL attack from the enemy, the squad members' defense increase


-Its like a shop where you can buy some items and mecha.

- Graphics -
Super Robot Taisen Z's graphics looks nice. I can't believe banpresto can make 2D graphics looks so wonderful and fluid animation.

- Music -
The music is great. Each and every characters have their own respective theme song from the anime and lovely surprise BGMs.

It's amazing. the greatest development I've seen is that attack from ground to air and air to ground have their attack angle altered to it looks like they are actually shooting at something rather than just firing into the distance and somehow it hits a guy in the sky.