I would have thought this game wouldnt be as good as Mario!

User Rating: 8.5 | Super Princess Peach DS
First of all, Peach can use Perry the parsal to float. Mario can just jump.
Second, Peach has more HP than mario and she only loses a HP when she falls in a pit, not a life like Mario.
Third, Peach can use all sorts of Vibes and mario only uses fireballs.
So overall, Peach is better in this game. However, it lacked some excitement. Mario would be better at excitement. All the new and original games are better. Perry and Peach were a good idea to put in their own game, but Mario was better. Peach and Perry have cool new attribute to the Mario series with all their new abilities. Floatbrella, Chargebrella, Subrella, Dashbrella, Angry Vibe, Happy Vibe, Excited Vibe, and many more make up a pretty fun and classic addition to the already great Mario series. Overall, it was a fun game. That is all I have to say, so goodbye!