Super Meat Boy it´s a fun game and ambitious. If you are a lover of platform games you can´t miss SMB.

User Rating: 9 | Super Meat Boy PC
Super Meat Boy it´s a very funny game, innovative and ambitious.

When I start playing the game, the first thing that I noticed was that, playing this game with a keyboard it´s killing the game, so if you are planning to play Super Meat Boy use a gamepad (Xbox Controller for PC), if you don´t have a gamepad, ask a friend to lend him a gamepad, if you don´t have friends with gamepads, then don´t play this game, because if you try to play it with a keyboard you will die due to the frustration of dying constantly.

The game it´s well designed, with over 100 different levels to play, and still with a gamepad, some levels are very challenging, so if you have a very aggressive attitude try not to play Super Meat Boy around people, so you don´t punch them him the face due to the frustration of dying. But really, are levels that you need to think before acting, if not, you will die over and over and over.

The music it´s awesome, it gives you a adrenaline to play the levels repeatedly, to ear the music and finishing the game.

Overall, Super Meat Boy, it´s a very good platform game, that can be very frustrating (due to dying thousands of times), but will always be the feeling to end the level and the game, it´s innovating and and I´ll be waiting for more projects of Team Meat to play.