My favorite game for the NES. Most people will probably agree.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Bros. 3 NES

Super Mario 3 is probably in the top 3 for the best games for NES all time. The game is so much fun to play and it's even more fun when you play with someone else. There are many different worlds (8 worlds) to explore with lots of secrets to uncover, suits to wear (hammer brother suit!!), and enemies to kill. Mario was the first video game character that introduced me the video game experience and he is back in this game with an exceptional performance. --Graphics--

For the NES the graphics were high above most other games. Just absolutely remarkable.


I always liked the Super Mario brothers theme music and this game has that and much more of your favorite music from Super Mario Brothers.


Well it's my favorite game for the NES and you won't be disappointed at all with this game. The games itself takes a couple hours to complete but you will definitely play this game many times.