A game that I hope persuades many people to buy a Wii U because it is simply the best

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario 3D World WIIU

This is a fantastic game and EVERY Wii U owner should buy it right now.

The story is very different from usual Mario games. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Blue Toad (who must have bribed Peach to keep him and throw out yellow toad) are taking a nice stroll through the mushroom kingdom until they see a clear pipe that Mario and Luigi fix in about 5 seconds and a little fairy comes out that tells them that her people are being captured by Bowser in jars and Bowser shortly pops out of the pipe to take the fairy in a jar and then leaves. Our heroes follow them and end up in the sprixie kingdom and after 8 worlds they take out Bowser, save the sprixies, and put Bowser in his own jar. I am glad they changed it from Peach captured, go save, but it is still the same basic concept.

The Gameplay

There is no more health bar and instead it is just like the 2D games where as small Mario you die in one hit, big Mario gets hit and it reverts to small Mario, and any power-up getting hit reverts to big Mario.

The power-ups in this game are the Mushroom, Fire Flower, Boomerang Bros Suit, Cat Suit, Super Cat Suit, Double Cherry, Cannon Box, Tanooki Suit, White Tanooki Suit, and Star

There are six play styles if you count Captain Toad sections and they all have different attributes that shake up the gameplay enough for them to feel different.

Mario: Balanced.

Luigi: Higher and floatier jump.

Peach: Floats in midair, but is slow.

Toad: Very fast, but short jump.

Rosalina: Spin attack and can double jump, but is slow.

Captain toad: Can't jump.

The good

-Mario and co control very well.

-Each character is different without being completely different or cheap.

-New power-ups like the cat suit, cloning cherry, and the cannon box are fun new additions.

-Bosses are fun.

-Graphics are beautiful.

-Captain Toad levels are a blast.

-The game is very long and has lots of fun and original levels.

- Music is great. (my favorite is World 8's over world music)

The bad

-Plessie is a bad replacement for Yoshi.

-Sometimes your jumps don't land where you expected them to.

-Long jump can be hard to preform.

Overall Opinion

Super Mario 3D World is a must own for any Wii U owners and is possibly my favorite game of all time rivaling Super Mario Galaxy. The bad is not that hard to over look, but the good out shines it by too much for them to have a major impact.