A cheap, fun addition to the game

User Rating: 8 | Super Lucky's Tale: Gilly Island XONE

To be honest, I didn't even know that there was DLC until I came across it by accident and immediately downloaded it. For $5, I couldn't pass on it. Especially when I enjoyed the base game so much, It seemed like a win-win.

The DLC itself contains 3 missions and a boss battle. The missions are pretty long, There's a lot to do in them and the world is simply beautiful. Gilly's Island is this massive vacation island where a singer, Lady Meowmalade, has taken over and plans to release her next single. Don't worry, She is a genuine villain as she's using her music to make people dance uncontrollably, that fiend...and only Lucky can stop her!

Honestly, It's a lot of fun. It's bright and colourful, The characters are great and the gameplay is just as fun as ever. The developer really did a great job using this DLC to help flesh out the game a bit more and expand upon it's best parts. My only complaint is that it is over a bit too quickly, I wish they had added another mission or two to the DLC but other than that, It's golden.

Overall: 8/10
Yes, I am rating this DLC higher than I did the base game. I loved playing it. It was a short but sweet experience that reminded me why I loved playing the game in the first place.