If your looking for an easy-to-use recreational fighting game, don't come within spitting distance of Super Dragonball Z

User Rating: 4 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
Graphics: 6/10
Gameplay: 5/10
Replayability: 2/10
Learning Curve: Between 3 Hrs and never


-Moderately cool idea of learning each other's attacks
-Cool finishing sequences
-Totally new idea


-Crap controls, takes ages to get somewhere with a normal PS2 controller
-You can't really pull off more than 2 specials with the analogue stick
-Very few characters
-Gets boring very quickly
-Not particularly satisfying to complete

The Verdict:

You can get it cheaply nowadays and fans of the arcade will certainly enjoy this, everyone else (Fans of Budokai, Tekken etc) will hate the stupidity of the controls and the lack of substance that provides a good experience for a game... Words cant describe the fury you feel just trying to activate a finishing move, and to be honest the unforgivably short list of characters just tops it off, this game is only acceptable for a collection, not use. Overall- leave it alone, fanboys