Highly Addictive, Fast Learning Curve.

User Rating: 8.3 | Super Dragon Ball Z PS2
First thing I did was goto Training Mode to excercise with the controls, The Learning Curve is very fast, in a few minutes you'll be poundin your opponenet, However, even though its a 'pick up and play' doesnt mean its a 'pick up and master'. From what i've played, it takes a long time to master EACH CHARACTER, im still working on Goku, And im glad this isnt like BT, where if you mastered one, you mastered them all. So it takes a while to master each character, plus you'll find each character uses their own strategy, so each opponenet is a new.

Sound, in the Title Screen, on default, the Sounds are lower then the Music, so you have to either have very good ears, or turn down the music volume in options in order to clearly understand some of what they're saying.

Playability, This game has it, and doesnt plan on losin it. Unlike previous 3d DBZ Fighters, this one uses a different combo system. However, if your familiar with Street Fighter, it should be easier to get used to the combos. Once you look at the combo list, youll find there is only 7-10 entries and be like "WTF Not many combos, this game must suck" But you are wrong. Very wrong. You can 'unlock' more skills by Leveling Up and using points to get more stuff, adding a LOT to Replay Value.

Strategy, this game is both Strategic and Beat Down at the same time, you'll be trying to think of what your opponenet will do and keeping up your guard, while waiting for your opponenet to drop his so you can beat him down into the ground.

Length, Original Mode on your first run through might take you 30-60 minutes, but after you get used to things, it'll easily drop to 10-20 Minutes. However, the matches are a little short, until you increase DEF/ATK, or Change Attack Damage in options. By default, matches go by pretty quickly due to a low amount of life, but if your Good enough, you should be able to block and dodge most of the attacks and beef the length of each match, it all depends on how good you are.

Characters, 18 Characters is a rather small amount, but dont let that fool you, remember this isnt BT or B3. Each character harvests their own strategy of doing things, as well as Moves and Abilities/Stats.