It's just classic !!

User Rating: 9 | Suikoden III (Konami the Best) PS2
you play with three characters and then get to choose one of them to unite all the players you've gathered during the game.. that move was fantastic and in its era, it was quite clever move from konami to do this trinity-site system. But there are some little things that got frustrated in the game such as:

1-no voice.
2-no emotions, i mean the characters barely smile or do something which makes the game a little boring.

Game play:
it was great. i liked it very much, i know some people like the old suikoden style game play but it works for me to see a new style of game play in suikoden, but it's r eally annoying sometimes when you target a pair consists of two characters in one enemy and you have more than 4 enemies.


man, the graphics suck, totally suck. i mean, the graphics in suikoden were never good until the fourth series, i still haven't played tactics yet. so i dunno about it. FFX was released in 2001 and its graphics were great and beautifully designed and it was in the same era as suikoden 2. But again, that didn't bother me so much. because i love suikoden series.


well.. about the music i don't have lot to say about the music because i only saw the opening and i liked it so much and it's amazing not to mention it was an anime-designed opening.

MUSIC 10/10

The story simply is fantastic. you get to play three character and see the story from three different angles. that's awesome! And not only that, you get see how they were so close to each other when you explore the places and towns with each character.

STORY 10/10

Recommended? yes, it is. I recommend this game for every RPG fan.