An extremely challenging classic, truly a test for any gamer.

User Rating: 7.5 | Streets of Rage 2 PS3
Although it get's quite boring and slow, this game is amazingly difficult, the first stage will give you a small test, an easy one, but a test. The second stage is also easy to get past, but will leave you with very few lives for the future, basically crippling you and stopping you from even reaching the fourth boss (one that even get's you a silver trophy!).

You can pick from the four fighters, although quite diffirent, they can all do quite similiar attacks and won't stop you from defeating this monster of a game.

Weapons... well atleast there are weapons at all, the knife, the pipe, the ninja knife, samurai sword, and others.

Art style is classic american style arcade graphics, no complaints here since the game is so old.

The only really bad part is how the enemies (peticularly the 2nd boss) can somehow hit you when you are trying to hit them. Which is quite francly... stupid.

Well in general it's just another boring arcade game, but it's just so challenging that it will leave your heart beating like a drum.