The revenge of Mr. X

User Rating: 9.5 | Streets of Rage 2 PS3
One year after smashing the Syndicate, Adam is kidnapped. his house is trashed, and his younger brother Skate rounds up Axel, Blaze, and muscle-bound wrestler Max to free him. It turns out that Mr. X is still alive and has regrouped his fractured criminal empire, taking control of the city once again with an even tighter grip.

As one of the four heroes you must take to the raging streets and beat-up every man and his twin across ghettos, bridges, theme parks, ball parks, boats, beaches, jungles, factories, and finally Mr. X's headquarters for an epic showdown.

The first Streets of Rage game was great, but the sequel takes all of its strengths (and none of its flaws) and cranks them all the way up, resulting in a vastly superior game. The graphics are more colorful, the sprites are larger, the combat is more complex, the level design is more innovative. Even Yuzo Koshiro's music, probably the best video game music of all time, is better second time around. The game may be 19 years old now, but there's no denying the excitement and funkiness of these tunes. They haven't aged a bit. You really ought to hunt down the soundtrack CD and the numerous remixes.

One of the best beat-em-ups, and video games, of all time. SOR2 is a definite classic that will never get old. This PlayStation-Network downloadable version comes with 12 Trophies, and a smoothing option for HDTVs.

Graphics A
Sound A+
Gameplay A
Lasting Appeal A+