Worth playing if you're a SF fan but otherwise I wouldn't bother too much with it

User Rating: 8 | Street Fighter IV X360
First thing I noticed about the game was of course the Great graphics. Rufus was as wobbly as ever, the breathing looked natural on most characters and even breasts were shaking when they are knocked! The backgrounds are good too but would've liked to see more familiar places.

Second thing, the music - it's interesting. Definitely modern and very arcade like and I think it was a fresh concept although the remakes of the old themes were great!

Third, the voice acting is very good for most characters. Some were awful: e.g. Blanka's voice!

Gameplay, seems pretty smooth but found it hard to perform special moves on some characters. SF2 HD seemed a little better in that respect!

Few negatives, most are not even worth mentioning but the most annoying thing is that voice in the VS screen! Plus if you try to change your Title or Icon without being connected to Xbox live, you will be stuck in that screen till you connect or till you exit back to the xbox dashboard which is an annoying bug. Also the game is surprisingly hard which is why only SF fans would put up with it.

Could have had:
Languages for each characters nationality. I thought it was great changing voices to Japanese for the Japanese characters!