Prepare for a Bob Sagat Uppercut of fun. Minus the Bob.

User Rating: 7.5 | Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting X360
:Good Idea:
·This is great because it's the first fighting game I ever remember playing. It's a true classic gem.
·Online play is freakin' killer. Not much more to say besides some excellent friend beating.
·Controls are suprising good on the 360 controller.

:Bad Idea:
·Well, there's really not much to it anymore. Low punch, high kick, mash some buttons and hope you don't die. It's not near as fun as it was years ago (although it still has it's points).
·I'm happy this wasn't $20 but even $10 is steep for a classic game. All of these games should be like $5 if anything.
·The computer AI fights like my brother. When fighting against opponents like Ken or Ryu, it's fireball after fireball. Really not fun at that point.
·Even though the original SFII didn't include these characters, I still would have liked to seen Cammy and stuff. I think I had more fun with Super SF II Turbo than I ever did the very original SF II.

·If you were a fan back in the day, get this game. It's a classic still. If you never grew up playing it, you're going to be madly disappointed. There's no flash, no combo moves really, and worst of all, only about 10 characters.